Best WiFi Hacking Apps of 2017 for Android Phones {Password Hack}

In nowadays it is so difficult to manage with the data packs of ISP(internet service provider). So, if you are also a techie person then it is difficult to manage without the internet. Today I have a solution for you, by which you can connect to any WiFi Network freely. Presented you the best Android Hacking Apps of 2017 for Android Devices.

The first search on google of all the techie person is always that "How to hack WiFi". I am one of them. I have searched a lot about it. Many time I have also found myself in many bad situations because of fake WiFi hacking tools. Only 10% of the all hacking tools are working for hacking WiFi. Not all the available tools are worked properly, only some of the best WiFi hacking tools are worked for me on my Android device. So, let's see what we will discuss today.

Top WiFi Hacking Apps of 2017 For Android

Firstly know that it is not safe to access someone's WiFi without his/her permission. So, be careful before doing that, Also Admin is not responsible for an6y type of harm.

Wifi hacking apps for android 2017

list of free WiFi hacking Apps:

#1 WPS Connect

WPS Connect is the best WiFi hacking app according to me, cause you don't need any skills to hack WiFi through this hacking tool. This app allows you to disable the WiFi network of another user. It just amazing I even can't tell you about this apps functions. Because it is awesome. Install App and start Hacking the WiFi around you. WPS let you hack the WiFi without rooting the Android device. But note that the application is not work properly if the WPS is not enabled on WiFi modem.

#2 WiFi Kill

The another best app to cracking the WiFi through Android. This app allows you to kill the connected WiFi devices in the same network. The interface is very easy and navigation panel is really good. It will listed the all devices connected on same network with the IP addresses.

#3 zAnti Network Tester

zAnti is a network testing tool with a graphical user interface. It is a fully developed network penetration toolkit, normally everyone can performs the various actions through this app. The App work with a Push button technique. It let you capture the data packs also.

#4 WiFi WPS WPA Tester

WiFi WPS WPA Tester is work only if you have rooted your Android device. If you have don't root your Android deivce then it will not work perfectly. By using this you can hack any WiFi modem. Firstly the app will check for the security and then ensure that what method is easy to hack the WiFi. Give it a try.

#5 Fing Network Tool

is a simple app avilable on playstore, in this app you will get many feature like device informations connected in network. This app will show you all the related informaton to the device like device type, brand or other information.

So, above are the best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android 2017 which I have listed here. With the help of these apps you can crack the WiFi connections. Have fun and try these apps.

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WhatsApp Hacking Apps for Android 2017 [ Free Download ]

Whatsapp is a largest social networking app in nowadays. So, there are many possibilities of hacking WhatsApp. Today I am going to list all the method and apps which are used to hack Whatsapp in 2017.

Whatsapp is a most popular app of communication in nowadays. So, many hackers use this platform exploit into the android OS. Today, I have listed some of the Whatsapp hacking APK applications below. So without wasting time let's start the article.

whatsapp hacking apps 2017, hacking apps for android

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List of WhatsApp Hacking Apps for Android

The best hacking apps for Android Whatsapp is below:

#1 WhatsApp Sniffer

Whatsapp sniffer is a small utility which captures the data packets of another android device during chatting. But the condition is that you and your victims must have on the same WiFi network. It is the best and easiest way to hack the WhatsApp application. o, you can download it from the below given link.

#2 WhatsApp Spy

Whatsapp spy is another way to hack the WhatsApp in easy steps. I have already told you how you can hack WhatsApp through Whatsapp spy apps. If you want to read gain then read here from the below given link.

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After doing the tutorial if you found any problem ask below in the comment box.

# 3 Mac Spoofing

Mac spoofing is least and difficult method. But if you follow the steps then you will definitely successful in the hacking tutorial. Read the below given Article to hack WhatsApp through Mac Spoofing.

Read: Whatsapp hacking through Mac Spoofing

Finding any problem in Mac spoofing then ask in the comment box.

There are so many methods of hacking Whatsapp but here I have only listed tested and realistic method. If you are stuck at any point, then ask in comment box. Do share and like to this article.

Easy Hacking Tricks 2017 | That Every Beginner Should Know

There are lots of hacking tricks in nowadays available on the internet. But today's list I have provided to you is the best of them. The hacking tricks I have provided today are very easy to perform and don't need that much hacking skills.

If you are a beginner and want to know some best easy hacking tricks then you are at the right place. Hacking is not a good stuff but if you used it for a good work then It will also help you to make a career in hacking. Hacking can be done on any devices like Android, Ios, and Windows PC. But the best operating system is to do hacking is Kali Linux. I am not going in all that stuff, cause Kali Linux is the very professional hacking operating system. So, without going into them lets discuss the Best and cool easy hacking tricks of 2017.

Easy  Hacking tricks 2017, hacking easy tricks 2017, hacking tricks

Best Easy Hacking Tricks 2017

The hacking is a normal thing in nowadays. Everyone can perform hacks and tricks in nowadays. So, what are you waiting for, don't you want to learn some new hacking tricks. Here are few tips & tricks.

#1 SPY Easy Hacking Method

This is normal and easiest hacking method for attacking victim's account or Android phone. The process is that you have to install a spy app on victim's phone and hide that app. After that, all the information of victim's will be sent to you. And you don't have to do anything. That's why I had put this hacking trick on the top of the list. There are many SPY apps available for computer and Android. If you want to know more about SPY hacking tricks then bookmark this page. We will shortly provide the full SPY hacking tricks.

#2 Keylogging Hacking Trick

Like Spy hacking method it is also very easy and good for beginners. You don't need an extra skill for this process. Just create a keylogging script and put it into a victim's operating system. If you don't have an idea to create Keylogging script then find a profitable software on the internet to do so. There are lots of Keylogging program available on the internet.

#3 WiFi Hacking Trick

WiFi hacking trick is also an easy task, just install an App given in the below of this paragraph. WiFi kill is a best android app to hack WiFi. It doesn't need skills to hacks someone's WiFi freely. These apps allows you to kill the connection of other WiFi Devices. So, it is very easy to hacks WiFi in nowadays.

#4 Phishing Hacking Method

Phishing is another easiest technique to hack the Facebook account of friends. Guys this technique is very powerful and real. It is not any type of long method or not a difficult method. It is very easy and useful for a professional hacker. Phishing is a very best hacking method for me try yourself.

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So, these are the some of the best and easy hacking tricks for a beginner. If you are beginner and want to learn newest hacking tricks then like and subscribe our blog for more updates. We are always here to help you. 

Hack Facebook Through Phishing Method 2017 { Best Hacking Tricks}

Facebook is a largest social networking site which is used daily by many users. Hacking is mostly done on Facebook through various techniques. Today we will discuss the Phishing method of facebook hacking. So, let's start the article.

Hacking is not p[osible if you don't put high security on your social networking sites. The reason behind the hacking is low security and doesn't give much importance to online Accounts. That's why today I am going to share an FB hacking through phishing, so you can secure your account. Before I proceed to make sure to not to hacks someone's ID who may put illegal activity cases on you. So, be careful before doing this. Firstly know what is a phishing hacking method.

hack facebook phishing

What is Phishing Hacking Technique ?

is a method in which the fake web pages are created to fool the victims. Like fake web page is created by hackers and send a link to the victim's and ask them to log in with FB or some other social network.

Phishing is a very well known method that every hacker should know. Phishing is done on any platform whether it is Android or Windows. So, let's do Hacking of Facebook through Phishing.

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Steps to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method 2017


Now Follow the Steps Below

  • Sign up free for web hosting account. It is important because we need to install our Phishing files on the server. So, create a free account with a subdomain.
  • After that login to your account. Your dashboard looks like that given in below image.

    facebook hacking through phishing
  • Now go to Cpanel. There you will find an option of file manager. Click on one of the file managers from the Cpanel.

    facebook hacking through phishing
  • Open file manager 2 from the control panel. There you will found an option of uploading and downloading. There you can see folder Public_html. Upload all the phishing files in this folder.

  • Now wait for uploading. Do not rename these files, because renaming will hurt your process badly. You can customize the HTML part of files if you want.

  • Now, open your domain in a new tab. You will see a text box asking for facebook email and password. Just see below.

    facebook phishing
  • Now when they click on login, they will be redirected to another site. And their password will be saved in the Password.txt file. They even don't know their password is saved on or directory. 

That's it guys you have successfully hacked the victim's facebook account in 2017. Now you know how simple it is to hack FB. 

Note: This hacking account trick is very simple and easy to hack. Phishing is very simple and hacking technique. But note that it is only for educational purposes. Any kind of illegal activity, the admin is not responsible.

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How To Unblock Yourself From Friends WhatsApp 2017 (*Latest Tech Tricks*)

It's very  irritating when someone blocks you on WhatsApp. You think about yourself like a shit in a public. So, for that Today, I have found a solution by which you can unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp. So, let's get started the tutorial.

There are so many methods to unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp. But today I have listed two best methods which work fine in my case. If they are useful to then lets us know in the comment box. Firstly, how you know that who blocked you on WhatsApp.

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unblocked yourself from whatsapp, unlocked on whatsapp

How To Know Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

  • Send WhatsApp message to contact if your message shows double tick that means you are not blocked by the user. If it shows a single tick that means you are blocked.
unblocked on whatsapp, whatsapp unblocked solution

After knowing who had blocked you on WhatsApp, You must follow these steps to unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp.

#1 Unblock Yourself From WhatsApp Without Deleting Account

The first method is very simple and you don't need anything to do this. 

  • Firstly know who blocked you on WhatsApp. After that, we follow the method to unblock yourself from WhatsApp.
  • After that tell you best friend or good friend to create a Whatsapp group, And ask to add you and the blocked user through your friends Whatsapp.
  • Now the group will be created and you and your 2 friends are also in this group. Now when you send a message to a group, it will be forwarded to all user including blocked user.
  • That's all it is a simple method which doesn't include deleting of WhatsApp and unblocked from WhatsApp.

#2 Unblock Yourself From Whatsapp By Deleting WhatsApp

The second method is a little bit difficult. But don't worry I will tell you about this below:

  • Know who blocked ou on WhatsApp by following the steps given in above section.
  • Now take a backup of your WhatsApp chats. And delete WhatsApp account by going into Whatsapp account setting > Delete my account.
  • Enter your number and click on confirm, now you have successfully deleted your WhatsApp account from the server.
  • Now go to app info and delete the Cache and Data memory.
  • That's all, Now Install the Whatsapp from the play store and verify your account by entering your number.
  • Done! Check out if you are unblocked yourself from WhatsApp account or not.

These are the two WhatsApp tricks which are amazing and awesome if someone blocked you. There are also some tricks and hacks of WhatsApp which is below read them also.

Whatsapp Hacking Tricks 2017

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Wix vs Wordpress SEO - Who is Best for Your Business?

Wix and Wordpress are the two different CMS platforms, But there is much difference between them in term of Designing, flexibility or in SEO. Today, I had made a difference between the Wix and Wordpress SEO. So, let's start our topic on Wix vs WordPress.

wix vs wordpress SEO, wordpress SEO vs wix SEO

One thing I have ever found difficult is choosing the best and easiest website designing platform. The three main platforms are Blogger, Wordpress, and Wix. When I am new in this field, I just thought that designing needs lots of coding in HTM/PHP etc. But after making lots of website in PHP and HTML, I know the importance of CMS platforms. They are just good and simple for making new blogs. My first blog was on Wix, cause it provides lots of applications to integrate into blog or website. Wix is responsive for every platform like android and windows. So let's discuss our article about Wix vs Wordpress SEO.


How both the platforms are different from one another. We will discuss here.

Wix SEO Optimization 

Just like other Platforms Wix is also a good SEO optimized platform. You can optimize your page title and post titles too. Google only optimize good quality titles article. Below I have given some Wix Optimization method you must do on your Wix blog.

  • Optmize Page Title.
  • Create Your Own Logo with ALT text.
  • Use good quality keywords.
  • Socialize your blog.
  • Use SEO application of Wix.
But there are lots of factors in which the Wordpress is better than Wix SEO. In Wix, you can't setup a custom domain which is very bad for search engine optimization. So, the main point is if you don't have a high-quality domain your SEO is not good.

WordPress SEO Optimization

Wordpress is best CMS software which is most popular in nowadays. You may know about the Wordpress SEO, but if you don't know then I will tell you in a short article. Wordpress is the best SEO optimizer too. There are lots of WordPress plugin which will let you don all thing you want to do. The best part of WordPress is that you don't need extra skills. How you can optimize your blog, read below:

  • Use Yoast Wordpress Plugin.
  • Must Have Good Article Formation.
  • Good Meta Tag Optimization.

There are lots of feature in a WordPress blog which will help you to increase your blog ranking. The Wix platform has many disadvantages in term of SEO. Because Wix shows so many ads on the blog, so that is not good for your BLOG SEO.

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The conclusion is that WordPress SEO is more efficient then Wix SEO. If you want to create a professional blog then I will suggest you use WordPress platform cause of its features. It ok that Wix allowed a more easiest way to create a website but the WordPress have more features including plugins. So, I will suggest you use Wordpress platform.

If you like this article then subscribe and share this article with newbie blogger. 

(Latest) WhatsApp Hacking Tricks 2017 - Spy on WhatsApp Messages, calls etc.

WhatsApp Hacking Tricks of 2017: Today, I am going to discuss the best method of WhatsApp hacking and tricks. These WhatsApp hacking tricks allow you to get the information of your children, what they are doing in their social life. So These are the WhatsApp hacking of 2017, I wish that could help you any manner.

whatsapp hacking tricks 2017, hack whatsapp account free, whatsapp hacks

Firstly note that hacking WhatsApp Account without the permission of the Android owner Is counted as an illegal method. And I will suggest using this hacking tricks only on the known persons like children's, Girlfriend or boyfriend. If you think that they are hiding something from you then these of the some best Whatsapp Hacking tricks gonna help you in many manners. So, let's get into this article.

WhatsApp Hacking Tricks & Hacks 2017

This is a world of technology and you can do whatever you want. You can control everything from your one smart device. It may be a laptop or Android phone. Below is a real tutorial of WhatsApp hacking in 2017 so let's start.

#1 Using Spy App

Have you every heard about the spy apps or not? If not then today I will tell you about the Spy apps. Spy Apps are those malware apps which sends your device information to the specific server. And you even don't know that some of the malware apps send your data to the Hackers. There are so many companies which provide WhatsApp spy apps.

These spy apps are used by govt. The organization, schools and much more organization. So, this is the very easiest way to hack WhatsApp accounts in 2017.

NOTE: Make sure that victim is your relative or loved one, one who will give permission otherwise you will be put yourself in a big risk. So, before doing anything think with your mind. It's illegal to hack other ones WhatsApp account.

Method of Spying on WhatsApp Account 2017

  • Firstly choose the spy program to hack android. I will suggest you use paid spy software because they are more efficient and fast. Here is the one I have found on the internet. Download from here

  • Now Install this app on the Victim's Android phone. It depends on upon you how you conveyed the victim's or how you install this app on the Android phone.

  • After install Apk, Directly click on open button. Otherwise, you don't get the dashboard. Accept terms and conditions and enter your own email here in both the boxes. Example: "".

  • Click on Install and wait for completing the process. Now, go to your email account and you will find a new password for your account. I had already signed up so this time, I had just got a notification now.

  • That's all dear friends. Now Login into your dashboard from here. Sign In for Android Monitor Dashboard. You can change your password later from the setting. After sign in your dashboard is look like below given Image.

  • Now, just wait for sometimes because it takes 30 minutes to extract the victim's data. You have successfully hack WhatsApp account in 2017 successfully. This is the easiest trick of hacking WhatsApp.

#2 Using Mac Spoofing

Mac Spoofing is a 12 character unique code provide to your phone network by a WiFi device. Mac is a media access control number which is provided to every cell phone. We need that Mac Address code to access the friends WhatsApp.
For hacking your friend account you need to find the MAC address, which I have told you below. Follow the article to hack your victim's phone using mAC spoofing.

Method To Hack WhatsApp Using MAC Spoofing

  1. Firstly uninstall your WhatsApp from your device. Be careful you must uninstall fully your WhatsApp account to follow the next steps. Don't worry you can easily get your data back after the hacking is completed.
  2. Now in the second step, you need a phone of victim's, that you want to hack. You can easily get your friend phone but it's difficult to acquire the phone of others. So, be careful before taking anyone's Android in your hand.
  3. Find the Mac Address of the Victims by going into Setting > About > Status.

    Your Mac Address is looked Like :  10:68:66:32:58:GD

    Also, Note down your Android phone Mac address. We later change it to the victim's Mac Address.
  4. Now we have to change the Mac address of the victim's Android using two Android apps. Busybox and terminal are two apps used to change the mac address of Android phones. They are freely available on the play store.

    Open terminal and type "IP link show" and see the list of interfaces. Now identify your Mac address. Just change your mac address with the victim's mac address.
  5. Now re-install the WhatsApp messenger into your phone. Put your victim's mobile number into the verify section. That's because after putting your victim's number you will be able to send or receive the message.

    In this process, the verification code is sent to the victim's phone. This is the last time you need a victim's phone to get a confirmation code. It depends on upon you how you got that confirmation code.

    After getting the code, enter it into your phone WhatsApp. Now you have successfully hacked the victim's Android Whatsapp. But carefully, about verification messages. Delete it after verified it on your phone WhatsApp.

NOTE: To access your own WhatsApp you need to follow the process again. This time, change your Mac address into the original address. 

#3 Keylogger Hacking

Keylogger is one of the greatest ways to hack victim's WhatsApp account. Keylogger is a tool which record all the keystrokes pressed by the user. It records all the services like you have open something in the browser. Even, it will record the key pressing by you during chatting. How cool is that.

It will only record the keystrokes, but it also shows the programs opened by you in Android operating system.

In his article, I am not telling about the keylogging process, because it needs a different article to show how keylogger works. For that, you must subscribe our blog and in future, I will send you the keylogging method freely.

#4 By DataBase Files

DataBase files are those files which contain all of your chats and conversation. These files are located in your Android file manager. Getting these files is very easy, you don't need extra skills to get the files. In 2017 hacker are able to decrypt these files and your chat will be visible. But since the WhatsApp had allowed encryption, the hackers are in trouble. Many of you don't know about these secrets of Whatsapp.

So, that's why I am always saying don't give your android phone to anyone. You even don't know hacker will hack your Whatsapp account within 2 minutes so, be careful.

So, these are some method of "Hacking WhatsApp in 2017". If you found this article good then share or like it. If you want to be a successful white hat hacker then subscribe our blog. We always care about our readers.

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Latest Facebook Hacking Tricks 2017 - Facebook Account Hack *HOT*

Today, I am gonna tell you some of the facebook hacking tricks used by hackers to hack your account. I am going to discuss all the method below. So, that you can protect yourself from the hacking attacks. Lets, discuss facebook hacking tricks 2017 below.

latest facebook hacking tricks 2017, FB hacking tricks, Hack facebook Account

The hacking is the way to get into your personal life, do you think that you want to get someone into your personal life without your permission. I think you don't, that's why I have listed some tricks that are used to hack your facebook Account. These facebook hacking tricks 2017 are the way to access your facebook account. In this article, I am going to tell methods below.

Facebook Hacking Tricks 2017 

The hacking knowledge I have gained from my search, today I will be going to reveal it with you guys. These facebook hacking tips & tricks will be going to use in 2017. The below listed hacking tricks are real and best of my knowledge.

List of FB Account Hacking Tricks 2017

All the hacking tricks are listed below :

#1 Facebook Phishing Method

Phishing is a very well known hacking trick for hack facebook. Anyone can perform this trick with a small knowledge of the internet. Very easy to perform and in a short time. Facebook phishing account hacking trick is very popular and has an ability to fool the Victims. In phishing, hackers create a fake login page and send the Link to the victims. After sending the link to the victim the login page will be displayed on the screen. After that, the victims enter his/her email and password detail in the text box. When he clicks on the login button, he/she will be redirected to original facebook. But he doesn't,t know that his/her account detail will be saved as a text file. Which can be accessed by hackers?

Learn Phishing : Facebook Phishing Tutorial Step by Step.

How to Safe Yourself From Phishing Hacking Trick
  • Never click on scam links.
  • Don't ever put you personal detail on the fake pages.
  • Always check the FB original URL with "HTTPS:// " encryption.

#2 Cell Phone Hacking

When cell phone hacking means you can take control of the services of the Android or another operating system. You can get all the information of victims accounts and other information. If you have to get control on Android cell phone you can hack anything from their smartphone. This is the second best facebook hacking trick of 2017

Nowadays it is very easy to hack android or another cell phone. Check out some of the Android hacking apps below.

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How to Avoid Cell Phone Hacking

  • Don't download apps from untrusted sites.
  • Don't give you cell phone to the unknown person.
  • Install good security app.

#3 Using KeyLogger Method

Keylogging is a method of recording a keystroke of your keyboard. Keylogger is a small program which can be bind with any software and you even don't know that it is installed with the other program. This program starts its work when it is get installed into the system. Every single strokes and screenshot will be sent to the hacker without the victim knowing. 

How To Avoid Keylogging Hacking
  • Install high-security antivirus.
  • Don't install the untrusted program.

#4 Using Stealer Hacking

How many of you have saved your password on chrome or other browsers? I think many of you had already done this. Guys, be careful don't ever save your password on the browsers. Because there are so many malware on the internet who are trying to access your saved password. Stealer is the best way to trace out the saved password. This is the oldest method of facebook hacking trick.

How to Avoid Stealer hacking
  • Don't ever saved the password on browsers.
  • Don't ever install untrusted extensions or add-ons

#5 Session Hijacking Method

Session hijacking is normally done in a public or non-secure WiFi connections. In this method, the hacker steals the cookies of victims browsers, which are used to authenticate the user on the website. Session hijacking is done in a not - secure connection HTTP. Don't ever use the facebook on HTTP non-secure server.

To avoid session hijacking method, don't use open networks for using facebook.

#6 DNS SpooFing

DNS spoofing is a method of hacking facebook through your WiFi. If you and your victim in the same network then this trick will be used for facebook hacking. In DNS spoofing the hacker shows his fake page to a victim so that he/she can take control over facebook account.

So, guys don't every try to connect an open WiFi. And use a secure server.

#7 By Email Haking

If you have access to user email id, then you can easily hack the user facebook account. Because facebook is linking up with email ID so that you can get forget the current password and get into a Facebook. For hacking Email ID, you can use a phishing or other method. 

Protect Yourself
  • Enable 2 steps authentication
  • Hide your email ID.

#8 Facebook Hacking Using Faceniff

This like DNS spoofing, when you and your victim is on the same network. Faceniff is an android app used for hacking facebook account in 2017. The hacking of facebook is only done when you and your target is on the same network. This is the easiest app to hack facebook through Wifi.

This app creates a secure server of a facebook and that's why it will be easy to hack facebook under unsecured server.

#9 Botnets Hacking

Botnets are no easy to setup. It is a process in which we require a large number of computers. Basically, the professional hacker used this technique to hack FB account. The process is same like keylogger but the botnets provide some extra options and tricks. 

Avoid The Botnets Attack
  • Never turn off the firewall of the computer.
  • Install trusted software.

#10 Flash Hacking

 If the hacker has a physical access to your computer he/she will extract all password saved into the Browsers and google chrome. So, that make sure to use a high security or Good quality antivirus

How to Protect Against Flash Hacking
  • Always scan the removable media.
  • Insert trusted device only.
So, this is all about the "Facebook Hacking Tricks 2017". If you have found these tips & tricks very useful then let us know in the comment box. Or if you know any other tricks then do comment below.

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How To Make Money From WhatsApp | Money Making Tricks 2016

WhatsApp is a fastest social media app, Which will be able to earn money online by different - different method. WhatsApp makes it easier to earning a lot from WhatsApp. So, let's start a money making from Whatsapp. 

G uys nowadays the making money online is a passion for everyone. But sometimes the newbie bloggers or techie guys are stuck into this trick cause lots of online scams. But today, I have a real online money making a method with the help of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps, That's why it give us the way to earning money online guys. You don't need anything to earn money online through WhatsApp. Some of the little bit requirement are below I have listed:

  • WhatsApp.
  • Bank Account.
  • Paypal Account.
  • Basic Knowledge of internet. :)

Making money online is possible but if you follow the steps regularly. If you think that making money online is a one night work then you are wrong my friend. You must work hard and regularly to make money with WhatsApp.

make money from whatsapp. whatsapp money making method

Methods To Make Money With WhatsApp

There are many ways to make money with WhatsApp, but I have listed some of the proven ways to make money. These methods are tested by me personally. So, let's begin.

#1 Link Shortening Method

Link shortening is the best and easiest way to earn money online through WhatsApp. Link shortening is a way to short a big link into the small link. There are so many link shortening sites, Which I have listed below. You will get the specific amount on the specific click. It will depend on upon the websites you are using. The maximum you will get 10 to 15 dollars for 1000 clicks on the link. Forget your money you must have Paypal account. List of link Shortening sites are below:

  1. Shorte.St
  3. LinkShrink
  4. Linkbucks

Above given link shortener are the some of the best program available for all. How do you earn through link shortening? You have to choose a link according to your choice. I will suggest you to share a viral posts link to the WhatsApp group or in a broadcast list. So, when the user clicking on it, you will earn some amount of money

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 #2 Affiliate Marketing

This is another method for earning money online through the WhatsApp. If you want to earn Huge money with Whatsapp then use this method guys. Affiliate marketing is the process in which you will going to sell the product of other companies. So, that some amount of commission are transferred to your account. There is so many companies who give 10 - 15% commission on the product sales depends on upon the market value of the product. Some of the affiliate program I have listed below:

Firstly you have to select the best product according to the market value. The product should be very popular or have any offer so that the user buy it. You will get your payment through the Paypal or Directly bank transfer.

#3 Referral Program

The referral program is a program when you send a link to the user with a referral code. After user clicking on it, he/she must do a specific task like sign up or download an App. There are lots of apps in the play store which provide the referral program to its member. Some of the referral programs are listed below guys:

Some of the Apps allow you to earn 100Rs per referral program. If you want to earn from referral program send the link to the WhatsApp group or Broadcast list. 

#4 Promotion Of Content 

If you have a large number of WhatsApp content then you can share the viral content in that group. Some website owner paid to the WhatsApp users to promote their content. Promotion of the content is the best way of getting popular between peoples. 

If you have your own website then you can promote your website content too. But this process requires a lot of contacts to promote the content.

So. guys these are the ways of making money with WhatsApp if you know any other method then let us know in the comment box. Or if you have already experienced this thing then share your views. 

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